mitt dalarn

A time in warehousing

OK, so it’s been a lot about warehousing here recently. The reason is that it is now 5 years since I started working in the business. I don’t know why, but it feels good to make some kind of summary of such a long period. Because it is long, having worked in warehousing for half a decade. Don’t you think?

Anyways, I’ve now told you the story about how it turned out that I started working in warehousing. To those of you who hasn’t read about it and wants to learn more, please go back and read the text. The short version of the story is that I ran into a guy that I used to know before. He told me that he had just started working in warehousing and really suggested that I would do the same. I mean, he isn’t just randomly asking people to switch to warehousing. I happen to have the knowledge that they need in HR.

So that’s what happened back then, over 5 years ago. I started with warehousing a couple of months after I had the talk with my friend. We actually ended up in the same company, the same warehouse and in the same team. That was pretty awesome, to be honest. To get back to an old friendship. A friendship that I had actually missed quite a lot back then. We became really close and I met a lot of his friends and he met a lot of mine. Good times, through and through. When he quit warehousing – about 3 years ago now – I actually felt like it was rough. I mean, everyday life wasn’t as fun anymore. It wasn’t better by also adding the fact that he was moving abroad.

I guess each period in time has its place. I’ve really loved the years that I have been working in warehousing. I think I will do it for a few years still. I like the warehousing team, I like my job, what I do every day. I really like the company too and it feels like we do a lot for our customers. All and all, the situation is good.

What are your thoughts on the future? Do you plan on chasing the horizon any time soon? Will you go get those dreams or are you already happy with the situation that you’re in? I want to hear your thoughts, even it breaks the warehousing pattern.